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BT客户端 qBittorrent v4.1.9.1 安装版+绿色版





  • 支持种子搜索
  • 支持磁力链接
  • 私人种子
  • 分布式散列表(DHT)、对等交换协议(PEX)、本地对等发现(LSD)、
  • qBittorrent支持加密连接
  • 支持IP过滤,兼容IPv6
  • UPnP/natp-pmp端口转发支持




BUGFIX: Preserve relative order when moving to top/bottom in queue (Chocobo1)
WINDOWS: Use real physical screen DPI (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Bump Web API version


BUGFIX: Fix filename validation on non-Windows OS (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: ScanFolders/FileSystemWatcher now detect magnet files with case insensitivity in filename (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Fix failed seeding after creating a torrent and auto-adding it to the session (Chocobo1)

qBittorrent v4.1.6 release
BUGFIX: Force recheck multiple torrents one by one in all possible cases. Closes #9120 (glassez)
BUGFIX: Don’t query Google for tracker favicons, for privacy reasons (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Work around the crash occurred in QTimer. Closes #9985 (Chocobo1)
BUGFIX: Increase the .torrent file download size limit to 100 MiB (thalieht)
BUGFIX: Disable downloading tracker favicons by default. Works around reported crashes in Linux. Closes #9667 (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Separate URL components before percent-decoding. Allow special characters in query string parameters. Closes #9116 (glassez)
WEBUI: Prevent login credential appearing in URL. Closes #10221 (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Display warning when Javascript is disabled (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Fix translatable strings (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Correctly handle ‘+’ sign in x-www-form-urlencoded data. Closes #10451 (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Remove closed connections immediately. Closes #10487 (Chocobo1)
WEBUI: Fix “Create subfolder” option is not working. Closes ##10392 (Chocobo1)
SEARCH: Make num enter key work the same as return in searchjobwidget (thalieht)
LINUX: Make window title bar icon work in Wayland (Peter Eszlari)
LINUX: Update appdata.xml file (Chocobo1)
MACOS: Fix progress bar drawing by using different style than native (Nick Korotysh)
MACOS: Updated and cleaned up fields in Info.plist (Nick Korotysh)
OTHER: Mention more translators in the about tab. Closes #10043 (sledgehammer999)




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