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U盘启动盘制作工具 Rufus v3.9 便携版

Rufus 是一个开源免费软件,可以把U盘制作成系统启动盘和格式化U盘,是一款实用的小工具,支持 ISO 格式的系统镜像文件快速制作成可引导的 USB 启动安装盘,支持 Windows 或 Linux 启动。Rufus 小巧玲珑,软件体积仅 900 KB,Rufus 除了体积小之外,它的一大特点就是「速度快」!根据官方宣称,Rufus 在制作 USB 启动盘时速度相比同类软件 Windows 7 USB Download tool、UNetbootin、Universal USB Installer 等大约能快2倍。



  • 功能全面,同时支持Wndows和Linux系统。
  • 制作启动U盘速度快。


Version 3.9 (2020.02.29)

  • Add exFAT support when creating blank UEFI:NTFS drives [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Fix ext2/ext3 corruption for partitions larger than 4 GB
  • Fix early boot files not being usable on compressed NTFS partitions
  • Fix writing of compressed streams that don’t end on sector boundary
  • Fix percent not being displayed on slow format
  • Improve file preallocation and speed up ISO extraction (courtesy of Mattiwatti)
  • Improve ext2/ext3 formatting speed
  • Improve protective MBR message for GPT partitioned drives
  • Improve reporting of Syslinux/GRUB download errors
  • Improve reporting of partition types and of Windows’ version
  • Report the usage of UDF symbolic links
  • Update embedded Syslinux to 6.04-pre1

Version 3.8 (2019.09.16) [BUGFIX RELEASE]

  • Fix regression where some ISOs (Debian) would produce a Syslinux error when booting in BIOS mode
  • Fix potential 0xC0030057 errors when trying to create a persistent partitions on a non-FIXED drive




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