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Rainmeter 4.3.3298 桌面美化工具正式版

Rainmeter 可以在你的桌面上显示包含内存,电池,RSS,天气等信息的可定制皮肤,许多皮肤还具有一定的功能:它们能帮你记录下你即将要做的事,把你的微博发布出去,控制媒体播放器等。它还能美化你的桌面,你可以完全按照自己的意愿去定制一款你想要皮肤,让你的桌面与众不同。Rainmeter是一款能够发挥你想象力和创新力的工具。便携版由NoCmd发布。



  • 全面的桌面定制软件,它可以让你在桌面上摆放任何你想要显示的东西。
  • 支持多个显示器。如果你有多个显示器,那么这个软件也是支持的。
  • 超强皮肤功能。
  • 小工具:天气,系统资源监视器、时钟,音乐播放、邮件、日期等。
  • 自带备份功能。


March 18, 2019 – Revision 3298

  • Final4.3 Final Release

March 7, 2019 – Revision 3296

  • RC24.3 Release Candidate 2
  • FixedLine meter: Corrected an incorrect offset which was making it appear that the first value in the progression was being skipped.

March 6, 2019 – Revision 3295

  • RC14.3 Release Candidate 1
  • ChangedAbout dialog: Corrected an inconsistency with how Measure and Variable values are “displayed ” in the About/Skins dialog, and what is “copied” to the Windows clipboard when you use CTRL-C or right-click to copy string values. All string values will display up to 259 characters in the dialog window, being truncated and appended with “…” if longer. The full length of the value will always be copied to the clipboard.

February 21, 2019 – Revision 3294

  • AddedSection Variables: Added new [SomeMeter:XW] and [SomeMeter:YH] section variables to allow make a meter relative to the end of another meter without requiring X=([SomeMeter:X] + [SomeMeter:W])as a formula.
  • ChangedLocalization: Updated the Swedish language.
  • FixedAudioLevel plugin: Fixed an incompatibility with the Nahimic audio driver.
  • FixedNowPlaying: Corrected an old issue with the Lyrics PlayerType option.




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