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UltraEdit – 最强大的一款超值文本编辑器!UltraEdit 是世界上领先的,功能强大的,极具价值的文本编辑器、十六进制编辑器、HTML编辑器、PHP编辑器、Javascript编辑器、Perl 编辑器和程序编辑器。UltraEdit 是一款全球功能一流的文本编辑软件,支持配置高亮语法和几乎所有编程语言的代码结构。内建英文单字检查,可同时编辑多个文件,编辑功能强大,具有代码提示、折叠、列操作等人性化功能。 \ 官方网站


  • 可配置语法加亮,支持代码折叠、Unicode;在32 位 Windows 平台上进行 64 位文件处理。
  • 基于磁盘的文本编辑和支持超过 4GB 的大文件处理,即使是数兆字节的文件也只占用极少的内存;
  • 在所有搜索操作(查找、替换、在文件中查找、在文件中替换)中,支持多行查找和替换对话框;
  • 带有 100,000 个单词的拼写检查器,对 C/C++、VB、HTML、Java 和 Perl 进行了预配置;
  • 内置 FTP 客户端,支持登录和保存多个账户,支持SSH/Telnet 窗口;
  • 提供预定义的或用户创建的编辑“环境”,能记住 UltraEdit 的所有可停靠窗口、工具栏等的状态;
  • 集成脚本语言以自动执行任务,可配置键盘映射,列/块模式编辑,命名的模板;
  • 十六进制编辑器可以编辑任何二进制文件,并显示二进制和 ASCII 视图;
  • HTML 工具栏,对常用的 HTML 功能作了预配置;文件加密/解密;多字节和集成的 IME。
  • 网络搜索工具栏:高亮显示文本并单击网络搜索工具栏按钮,从编辑器内启动搜索加亮词语;


v26.00 - Command palette * Easy and quick access to all of UltraEdit's functionality and settings via Ctrl + Shift + P * Filter commands in search box at top * Pin favorite commands / settings to top of list * Access recently used commands in most-recently-used list * Run macros, scripts, and user tools directly from command palette - JavaScript / CSS minifier and decompressor * JS/CSS drop down includes reformat, compress, and JavaScript Lint options * New "Formatting" group in Coding tab containing all code reformatting tools - Re-engineered code folding * Open ?and fold ?huge source files (up to 500 MB) * Faster parsing of huge files with foldable code * Much more accurate and better performing folding - Macro performance overhaul * In many cases, macros complete in a fraction of the time of previous versions ?in some cases, nearly instant! * Improved macro performance and stability for huge files - Highlight all occurrences of string on double-click (no Shift required) - Hints bar * See tips and hints contextualized to the work you're doing * Scroll through all hints * Hints are designed to be automatic and unobtrusive - New expand / collapse all option in function list context menu - Status bar shows total number of lines in file - Modernized Key mapping * Re-map Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab (provides browser-like tab switching behavior) * Replace in Files re-mapped to Ctrl + Shift + R * Quick record macro re-mapped to Ctrl + Shift + Q 25.10 - Code folding enhancements * "Peek" at folded code (hover over "..." to see preview of collapsed text in a tooltip) * Ctrl + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all sub-nodes of that node * Alt + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all folding nodes in the active file * Expand / collapse code from any line within folding section (not just first line) - Full Unicode support in wordfiles * Create wordfiles containing Unicode characters * Wordfiles can be saved as ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16, with or without BOM * Use Unicode characters in keywords, comment characters, indent/unindent strings, brace matching, more... - New "/Word Select Include" wordfiles setting for overriding delimiters for navigating / selecting * Allows you to set override default delimiters on a per-language basis * For example, /Word Select Include = $ would cause the "$" symbol to be included when double-clicking a word to select * This would also cause Ctrl + Left / Right Arrow to skip "$" (instead of stopping on it) - Delimiter based sort * Specify delimiter to sort by field (instead of specific column numbers) * Makes IP address sort possible - Faster brace / tag matching in source with very long lines - "Filter on selection" switches to "Clear filter" when toggled on 绿色版已注册,官方安装版请使用注册机断网激活。


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