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StrokesPlus#net 继承StrokesPlus,是一个用于Windows的完全免费的鼠标手势识别工具,它允许您创建强大的鼠标手势节省您的时间。借助摇杆支持,修改器,热键,宏,文本扩展以及内置Chrome V8 JavaScript引擎的强大ClearScript界面??,您可以实现自动化的限制。 官方网站




  • 多个笔划按钮 StrokesPlus.net支持额外的笔触按钮,因此您可以根据按下的笔触按钮进行不同的操作。
  • 手势提示 对当前手势的实时分析显示绘制时将执行的内容。自定义提示弹出窗口的字体,颜色,位置等。
  • 强大的脚本引擎 使用Microsoft ClearScript和Chrome V8 JavaScript引擎,StrokesPlus.net可以访问方便的内置函数,并可以访问Microsoft .NET Framework。
  • 触控和笔支持 浮子可以使用手指或笔快速进入射击动作。创建自定义浮动符以放置可以执行脚本的任何位置,或充当固定键。
  • 文字扩展 创建全局或特定于应用程序的文本扩展标记,以快速插入常用文本,RTF或HTML片段。
  • 手势地区 定义全局或应用程序级别区域,以在屏幕的不同区域为同一手势执行不同的操作。
  • 热键和宏 创建自定义热键以在不使用鼠标的情况下执行脚本。记录鼠标和键盘输入以创建可从操作调用的自定义宏。
  • 插件支持 通过构建.NET类库DLL并将其放在Plug-Ins文件夹中来扩展StrokesPlus.net来创建自己的插件。
  • 忽略应用程序 定义控件,窗口或整个应用程序,StrokesPlus.net应该完全忽略它们。
  • 脚本帮助 对示例的描述性帮助解释了可用的内置函数以及如何使用它们。
  • 粒度配置 控制StrokesPlus.net内部的每个方面以及确切地执行操作的事件和条件。
  • 导入导出 您可以导入或导出单个操作,应用程序或选择并准确选择所需内容。

更新日志 - 3/5/2020 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed issue with exporting introduced in - Added sp.GetSyncKeyState(vk) which calls the true GetKeyState Win API cll, where sp.GetKeyState(vk) actually calls the GetAsyncKeyState Win API call. This new function isn't generally recommended for a variety of technical reasons, which is why it's not described in the help; but I was testing something and added it, so I will leave it in case it's ever needed for some uncommon situation - 1/22/2020 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fixed logic issue with click script consume checkbox --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1/3/2020 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added sp.RunStoreApp('name') and Run Store App step command. This is just a simple encapsulation of the script in this post and uses a full or partial name match: - You can use the full package name like "Microsoft.WindowsCalculator" or just "Calc" if there are no other Store apps with "calc" in their name. If multiple matches are found, the first match is used. - There is a slight delay as all Store apps are enumerated and searched. - Microsoft makes Store apps very difficult to work with, so this is not an efficient function, but at least provides the basic functionality of opening a Store app. For more responsive actions and to have more conditional logic/control, you really should find the installation folder of the app and use that EXE. Though it can change when the publisher updates the app. Hopefully since Microsoft is loosening the UWP rules they will also add some better methods for Desktop apps to access installed Store apps in the future. - Added language entries: ActionStepMethods.RunStoreApp.DisplayName ActionStepMethods.RunStoreApp.HelpTip ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Name ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Description ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Returns ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Example.Simple ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Parameters.packageName.Name ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Parameters.packageName.Description ScriptHelp.ActionMethod.RunStoreApp.Parameters.packageName.Type


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