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VLC Media Player 是一款自由、开源的跨平台多媒体播放器及框架,可播放大多数多媒体文件,以及 DVD、音频 CD、VCD 及各类流媒体协议。 VLC 多媒体播放器(英语:VLC media player,最初为VideoLAN Client,是VideoLAN计划的开放源代码多媒体播放器。)支持众多音频与视频解码器及文件格式,并支持DVD影音光盘、VCD影音光盘及各类流协议。它也能作为单播或多播的流服务器在IPv4或IPv6的高速网络连接下使用。调用FFmpeg计划的解码器与libdvdcss程序库使其有播放多媒体文件及加密DVD影碟的功能。 VLC Media Player 官方网站



  1. 能播放任何内容 - 文件、光盘、摄像头、设备及流媒体
  2. 可播放大多数格式,无需安装编解码器包 - MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3...
  3. 可在所有平台运行 - Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android ...
  4. 完全免费 - 无间谍软件,无广告,无跟踪用户的行为


  1. 添加 外观.
  2. 设计外观可采用 VLC 外观编辑器.
  3. 安装 扩展.

更新日志 VLC 3.0.6 2019-01-10 VideoLAN is now publishing the VLC 3.0.6 release, which fixes an important regression that appeared on 3.0.5 for DVD subtitles. It also adds support for HDR in AV1. Changes between 3.0.3 and 3.0.4: Decoder: * Blacklist some intel GPU when decoding HEVC * Decode AV1 streams * Fix playback of low-fps files * Fix hardware decoding of low-latency sliced H.264 streams on macOS * Fix seeking with streams containing WebVTT subtitles * Fix decoding some CC-608 streams with roll-up * Fix crashes with LPCM streams * Fix colorspace of JPEG, PNG and screen inputs * Fix MediaCodec rotation handling Demux: * Improve FLV fps detection * Fix some ogg/flac * Improve support for broken HEVC inside MKV * Fix some AVI regression for broken files and for DVAudio * Support files splitted in the .mts%d pattern * Fixes for MKV seeking * Fix for MP4 disabled track selection * Fix playback of incomplete RAR files (downloading) Audio Output: * Improve iOS session management and resume-from-pause * Improve macOS audio performance * Support 44.1kHz DTS passthrough * Fix crashes on DirectSound output Video Output: * Fix some crash in Direct3D11/Direct3D9 because of sensors * Fix some broken DVD subtitles rendering (OpenGL, notably) * Fix crashes on old mac machines, after some time * Fix memleaks on the EGL output (Android notably) * Fix misc display in Direct3D11 due to broken drivers * Fix potential green screen on Windows XP Text renderer: * Fix rendering of arabic fonts fallback on macOS * Fix head buffer overflow on macOS with some fonts * Fix rendering of fonts with specific fonts * Fix some RTL rendering Misc: * Fix live555, macOS-UI, screen capture crashes * Change the extension registration names on Windows * Fix VLM 'now' date * Fixes on the HTTPD server * Fix on the NTservice registration * Fix --stop-time option * Fix ChromeCast compatibility with web interface * Fix subtitles alignment * Fix infinite recursion on directory playback * Fix detection SAT>IP servers Qt: * Fix tooltip display when using Wayland macOS: * macOS 10.7.5 is required now, VLC will no longer launch on earlier releases * Fix delay and fps setting in subtitle dialog * Modernized and improved support for media keys * Fix issues with drag and drop of playlist items * Fix support for audio capturing with qtsound module * Fix layout issues in the Convert and Save panel Translations: * Update of most translations



便携版VLC3.0.6.x86 便携版VLC3.0.6.x64 安装版VLC3.0.6.x86 安装版VLC3.0.6.x64