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Visual Studio Code编辑器官方正式版 v1.13.1











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Visual Studio Code是微软发布的第一款针对于编写现代 web 和云应用的轻量级跨平台编辑器,它既没有Visual Studio的臃肿,也没有一般编辑器的简陋。在同类产品中,它更类似于Sublime Text,但是界面比Sublime Text更漂亮,功能也更丰富。Visual Studio Code为开发者们提供了对多种编程语言的内置支持,JavaScript,TypeScript,Node.js 等等,还为这些语言都提供了丰富的代码补全和导航功能。但是对于C/C++的用户来说,必须要额外的插件支持才可以实现这些功能。 官方网站: 功能特性:

  • 代码目录,快捷键【Ctrl+B】;
  • 全局搜索,可搜索文件或者目录,快捷键【Ctrl+Shift+F】;
  • Github,管理代码,必须要在你的电脑上装了git才可使用;
  • Debug,用于调试代码,同样需要编译环境支持;
  • git分支,显示当前代码所属git分支;
  • 错误警告,显示当前文件中的语法错误;
  • 窗口分割,最多支持三个窗口同时浏览文件;
  • 本地搜索,用于当前文件中内容查找,快捷键【Ctrl+F】;
  • Tab长度,显示Tab键对应的长度,一般是4个空格,点击可修改;
  • 光标状态,显示当前光标位置还有选中的字符数;
  • 换行字符,CRLF是Windows的回车换行,Unix是则只有换行LF;

更新日志: 1.13 ??Changes to settings defaults - Enabled by default: extensions auto-update, editor drag and drop, and minimap (outline view). ??Set multiple cursors with Ctrl/Cmd + Click - Add multi-cursors just like Sublime Text and Atom. ??Improved Git merge - Inline merge actions with Accept Changes CodeLens. ??Better IntelliSense details - Easily toggle full suggestion documentation. ??Emmet abbreviations display - Preview Emmet expansions as you type. ??Enhanced snippets - Increase your productivity with multi-cursor and nested snippets. ??Faster debugger performance - Stepping through source code is significantly faster. ??File links in exception stack traces - Jump directly to source code from exception stack traces. ??Docker and MERN debugging recipes - Debug configuration examples for Docker and MERN stack projects. ??More workbench theming colors - We've added more VS Code customizable colors. ??Better NVDA support - Accessibility improvements for the NVDA screen reader. 1.9.0 ??Preserve language picked for untitled text documents ??Preserve view state for untitled files between restarts ??Search does not work in UTF-16 LE encoded files ??Support standard tab navigation key shortcuts on macOS ??Persist character encoding of open files across restart ??Possible to save file multiple times leads to race condition ??Preserve editor relative sizes when switching layouts ??Search relevance in Quick Pick control ??Update menu when reassigning keybindings or installing keybinding extension ??Moving or renaming file does not preserve editor view state ??Identical file name path in tab is too long and difficult to diff ??Explorer: Does not sort files and folders with numerical values accordingly ??Allow to use Ctrl P/N for up and down navigation in quick open ??Apply excludes to editor history quick open too ??F4 added as a keybinding to navigate search results - may conflict with some extension keybindings ??ALT + Arrows does not work in integrated terminal ??Integrated Terminal eats half of the first line when you zoom ??Terminal tab stops broken after resize ??Background terminal scroll bars are not synced when the foreground terminal is resized ??Hard crash (of everything) when debugging nodejs ??Explorer refresh not working for folders with same prefix 下载地址:  下载地址2?密码: hidc