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AnyDesk 5.2.1 远程桌面控制软件绿色版

AnyDesk 是一款号称速度最快的免费远程连接/远程桌面控制软件,据说是前 TeamViewer 开发小组人员自立门户的产品,它拥有先进的视频压缩技术 DeskRT, 可轻松穿透防火墙/路由器,实测在电信、移动的跨网宽带环境下,速度确实要比 TeamViewer 和 QQ 流畅。

现如今网络环境越来越复杂,防火墙、路由器、宽带提供商等各种因素常常会导致很多「直连」的远程控制软件(如微软的 Remote Desktop) 操作缓慢甚至是连接错误。而 AnyDesk 给人的印象是速度极快、反应流畅迅速,比起前辈 TeamViewer 有过之而无不及,而且它体积还极为小巧。



  • 帧率
  • 延迟
  • 通信
  • 访问



07.06.2019 – 5.2.1 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
– Some controls did not respond to mouse clicks when the mouse was moved between mouse down and up.
– The listview showed a chat log button even when there was no chat log.
– The discovery section disappeared in some situations.

27.05.2019 – 5.1.2 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
– Fixed a crash when AnyDesk could not find a preview image.

Other Changes
– Changed images for welcome panel.

23.05.2019 – 5.1.1 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
– Fixed broken mouse handling in the search popup.
– Fixed lost keyboard focus when switching from the File Manager to a monitor.
– Fixed fullscreen mode on session start.
– Fixed a crash during rights elevation.
– Fixed discovery online states.
– Added missing TCP permission setting.
– Minor fixes

Other Changes
– Added a selection box tool.
– Selected items will now scroll into the visible area automatically.
– D3D fullscreen can now be minimized.
– Changed TCP default permission to true.

12.04.2019 – 5.0.5 (Windows)
Fixed Bugs
– The loopback (monitor) audio device could not be selected as an audio source after
selecting a specific device once.
– Fixed a crash which could occur when going in or out of fullscreen mode in D3D render mode.
– Fixed a bug which could lead to image corruption when going in or out of fullscreen mode.
– Improved behaviour of fullscreen mode when the user switches to another application than
AnyDesk and back to AnyDesk.
– Fixed a bug where the installer would crash when started twice.
– Under certain conditions, Drag&Drop was started when it was not supposed to start.
This should not happen anymore.
– AnyDesk prevented the screensaver to engage when the Accept Window was open. This
behaviour was changed so the screensaver is only prevented while an incoming session
is active.
– Fixed a crash which could occur under rare conditions when using the whiteboard
feature in Windows Server.
– Using the Address Book could cause AnyDesk to stop responding in rare situations.
– The Address Book now remembers the selected items during actions.
– Fixed a bug that caused the Address Book to not update anymore when the option
‘Open Address Book on startup’ was enabled.
– Improved stability.

Other Changes
– Implemented a progress display for the installer.
– Updated polish translation.
– Updated the Welcome tab.




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