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XnViewMP 0.92 看图软件便携版

XnViewMP 是一款非常棒的完全免费图片浏览器,支持500多种图片格式,XnView MP还具有浏览器、幻灯片、屏幕捕捉、缩略图制作、批处理转换、十六进制浏览、拖放、通讯录、扫描输入等功能.XnViewMP作为XnView的增强版本,不但功能增强,还采用了跨平台的新架构,所以我们可以看到还有Linux和Mac的版本.



  • 缩略图功能
  • 可以自由拖动窗口布局
  • 显示子文件夹下的内容
  • 可以浏览服务器上的文件


0.87 2017-9-7
[New] Imgur service
[New] Guetzli JPEG from Google
[New] Import&sort: new subfolder template
[New] Zealous Crop
[New] Film simulation (clut from InstaCam)
[New] Batch Convert
[New] Setting for highlight selection
[New] Comment field (embbeded or description)
[New] Delete files or categories in browser
[New] Comment encoding
[Bug] Contact sheet unwanted spacing
[Bug] Batch rename and GPS special chars
[Bug] Thumbnail orientation after ‘Edit IPTC’
[Bug] Resize dialog
[Bug] Resize dialog
[Bug] TIFF with 4 BitsPerSample
[Bug] Message when ghostscript is not found
[Bug] Random msg: “This picture will be converted…”
[Bug] Rename on Folder tree bad focus
[Bug] Drag&Drop file in thumbnail view (empty space) should make a copy
[Bug] Copy
[Bug] Annotation in contact sheet
[Bug] Batch convert: Save and delete original
[Bug] ‘Fixed ratio’ should be set with image ratio
[Bug] Sort in view mode not always correct
[Bug] Favorites pane sometimes empty
[Bug] PSD thumbnail support
[Bug] Crash after file(s) are deleted or moved
[Bug] Batch Convert: Save ‘Delete’ question choice
[Bug] “Update catalog from files” remove categories
[Bug] Copy instead of move in the same share
[Bug] Import category list
[Bug] Custom order doesn’t reset header indicator
[Bug] Sidecar: Export Rating/label doesn’t export categories
[Bug] Update catalog needs ‘Import subject’ setting
[Bug] Renaming video file in use
[Bug] XnView MP can rename files to too long names
[Bug] Tabbing impossible in dialogs with multi
[Bug] Compare
[Bug] Create “joining images” based on DNG ignoring the embedded preview
[Bug] Fullscreen: “Quit” closes program
[Bug] Batch convert
[Bug] GPS tag missing
[Bug] “Maximum of view tabs” option is ignored sometimes
[Bug] “View » Reset X/Y” does not work
[Bug] Category assignment
[Bug] Crash when pressing <Ctrl> + </> in Browser
[Bug] Moving a folder on itself in Detail View
[Bug] Theme not checked
[Bug] Preview and Browser navigation issues with videos
[Bug] Mac folder numeric sorting
[Bug] Selection ratio in main menu and crop toolbar out of sync
[Bug] Slide show: Same image shown multiple times
[Bug] Drag and drop doesn’t work in List view
[Bug] PSB format
[Bug] Restoring layout reverts info pane tab
[Bug] Manual refresh doesn’t refresh folder tree
[Bug] Toolbar item “show files in subfolder” doesn’t show stat
[Bug] Browser: Menu “Edit > Properties” missing
[Bug] Wrong multi
[Bug] Bug when selecting files with the keyboard
[Bug] UI: Slash in path
[Bug] Resizing problem
[Bug] Copy Image does not work
[Bug] Thumbs+Details: Strange behaviour when Renaming
[Bug] Reset fit when next/previous file
[Bug] Results of scanning aren’t added to the browser
[Bug] Add Noise filter does not respect the mask
[Bug] Artefacts when high quality zooming 4
[Bug] Large image thumbnail problem
[Bug] Hierarchy not saved in IPTC keywords
[Bug] Darkened screen when closing context menu
[Bug] Keyboard shortcuts “fast image scrolling” missing
[Bug] Details View: Middle Mouse Click Doesn’t Open File
[Bug] When the Favourite is non
[Bug] Database search progress not indicated
[Bug] “Shadow” & “Conbright” don’t respect selection
[Bug] Video volume is changed when changing mode
[Bug] Status bar not updated with 1st file at beginning
[Bug] Purge ‘Most recently used files&dirs’ on exit
[Bug] Focus lost after searching
[Bug] Symbolic directory link
[Bug] Volume doesn’t always mute when at zero
[Bug] Tree navigation with keyboard issue
[Bug] Image “jumps” when selecting requires scrolling
[Bug] Autoexpand subfolders in folder tree
[Bug] Disable catalog
[Bug] Thumbnail for folder’s link
[Bug] .jpg_original files after editing metadata
[Bug] Multi
[Bug] Wrong thumbnail orientation for raw files
[Bug] Batch renaming, enter key problem
[Bug] HLS
[Bug] No Drag&Drop to parent folder
[Bug] Manually set video position ignored
[Bug] Thumbnails+filenames view: Filename truncated
[Bug] View mode doesn’t detect file removed
[Bug] Keep Ratio and Preset Sizes Issues
[Bug] No message box “…will lose all existing metadata”
[Bug] Change EXIF orientation field when EXIF doesn’t exist
[Bug] Remove file on Linux sometimes doesn’t work
[Bug] Batch convert watermark: when watermark is bigger than image + right position
[Bug] Can’t disable ‘format color’ on Thumbnails+label mode
[Bug] Edit GPS change always the file date
[Bug] Settings in Registry
[Bug] TIF > 2GB & multipage


安装版:下载地址1_32Bit   |   下载地址1_64Bit   |   下载地址2 密码: t8a6

便携版:下载地址1_32Bit   |   下载地址1_64Bit   |   下载地址2 密码: t8a6


Windows x86 绿色版:http//download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-win.zip
Windows x86 安装版:http//download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-win.exe

Windows x64 绿色版:http//download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-win-x64.zip
Windows x64 安装版:http//download.xnview.com/XnViewMP-win-x64.exe

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