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FileZilla 3.41.2 FTP工具便携版

FileZilla 客户端是一个快速可靠的、跨平台的FTP,FTPS和SFTP客户端。具有图形用户界面(GUI)和很多有用的特性。由NoCmd提供的 FileZilla Client 中文便携版,具有便携版特性,使用方便,随身携带。



  • 易于使用
  • 支持FTP, FTP并支持SSL/TLS (FTPS)协议,支持SSH文件传输协议(SFTP)
  • 跨平台。在 Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X 和其它平台下运行 more
  • 支持IPv6协议
  • 多种可用的语言(包含中文)
  • 断点续传且支持容量大于4GB的文件
  • 多标签用户界面
  • 功能强大的站点管理器(Site Manager)和传输队列管理
  • 书签功能
  • 拖拽功能支持
  • 支持传输限速功能
  • 文件名过滤器
  • 文件夹比较功能
  • 网络设置向导
  • 远程文件编辑功能
  • 保持链接功能
  • 支持HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 和 FTP代理(FTP-Proxy)
  • 登录到文件功能
  • 同步文件夹浏览
  • 远程查找文件


3.41.2 (2019-03-18)
! Backport a security from PuTTY 0.71 affecting SFTP connections: Fix an integer overflow in the RSA key exchange preceeding host key verification

3.41.1 (2019-03-06)
– Fix a regression introduced in 3.41.1 with slow FTP servers needlessly waiting for a bidirectional shutdown of the data connection during downloads

3.41.0 (2019-03-06)

– MSW: Fix an issue with failing uploads due to the operating system not gracefully closing TCP connections contrary to the documented behavior
– MSW: Fix compilation flags for wxWidgets to no longer include useless XP compatibility

3.41.0-rc1 (2019-02-26)

– Fixed crash if adding a bookmark with the current connection not yet having a Site Manager entry
– Fixed a rare crash if closing FileZilla while a recursive chmod operation is still in progress
– Fixed a rare crash if starting directory comparison on an empty directory without logical parent
– Fixed a rare crash on changing the file list sort order when the focused item index has previously become invalid
– Restrict the maximum length of regular expressions in filter conditions due to bugs in some implementations of the C++ Standard Library causing crashes
– OS X: Fixed crash if the path of a file dropped on FileZilla cannot be obtained
– Fixed order in which directories helper tools and data files are searched for
– Fixed a rare crash if closing tab during an ongoing recursive directory deletion


by Zero
• 便携化,配置存储位置%app%\settings目录


FileZilla 便携版

FileZilla 便携版


FileZilla Client 64Bit

FileZilla Client 32Bit

FileZilla Server

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