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foobar2000 1.4.1 音频播放器英文正式便携版

Foobar2000 是一个 Windows 平台下的高级音频播放器。包含完全支持 unicode 及支持播放增益的高级标签功能。foobar2000支持的音频格式: MP3, MP4, AAC, CD Audio, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack, Speex, AU, SND, 通过第三方插件将支持更多的格式。foobar2000完全支持 Unicode。轻松定制用户界面布局。



  • 开放的组件结构,第三方开发者得以扩充播放器的功能
  • Windows NT平台下的完全Unicode支持
  • 支持回放增益
  • 低内存占用,可高效率处理庞大的播放列表
  • 具备高级文件消息处理能力(通用文件信息框和批量标记器)
  • 可高度自定义的播放列表
  • 可自定义键盘快捷键(包括全局热键功能)
  • 标签页式(Tabbed)播放清单显示
  • 可多播放列表并存
  • 音乐数据库
  • 支持流式播放
  • 支持扩展插件



Worked around the disappearing window bug of Windows 10 1809.
Converter updates:
Advanced-preferences option to encode to temp folder and move encoded-and-tagged files to the intended destination.
“Don’t reset DSP between tracks” now respects DSP-reported latency for proper handling of gapless albums.
Made Converter “copy other files” feature respect parent folder (..\pattern) references.
Better error message when trying to open M4A file renamed to .aac.
Added %video_codec% info for Matroska and MP4 files.
Added support for PCM audio in MP4 container.
Made mouse wheel work in playlist view during a drag&drop operation.
Improved handling of classical music metadata for iTunes M4A files.
Added %bitspersample_extra% info to tell between int32/float32 PCM files.
Added support for ID3v2 iTunes Grouping field.
Made tag update operations not fail when another application has the file open for reading.
Corrected wrong bitrate shown for FLAC in Matroska container.
Corrected labels for F13-F24 keyboard shortcuts.
Fixed bugs with ReplayGain Scanner’s automatic resampling of high sample rate content.
Bumped maximum allowed sample rate to deal with DSD1024 content.
Made Media Library respect ‘include hidden files & folders’ setting in Advanced Preferences.
PPHS resampler bug fixes (inaccurate reported latency, crashing with extreme sample rates).
Fixed ReplayGain scan results showing zero peaks on near-silent 24-bit files.
New and improved buffering scheme for improved network streaming performance (ported from foobar2000 mobile).
Internet radio handling regressions from 1.4 fixed; added an Advanced Preferences setting for ShoutCast metadata codepage.
Fixed component auto update on Windows XP (1.4 regression).
Added an Advanced Preferences option to toggle asymmetric search, reverting search behaviors to 1.3 style.
Added title formatting fields for showing track/album peaks as decibel values.
Improved status feedback from batch attach album art tool.
Pressing “next” past the end of playlist now restarts the playlist even without “repeat” mode.
Added EXTM3U info writing (enabled via advanced preferences).
Added 5.1 and 7.1 upmix DSPs.
Deleting the currently playing files no longer shows error popups (1.4 regression).
Fixed repaint glitches in media library search edit box.
Updated Opus decoder to latest libopus 1.3.
Fixed a bug causing poor Default UI playlist performance with tens of thousands of item.
Fixed incompatibility with certain HTTP servers causing music files to fail to play from those servers.
Internet radio regression fixes.
Made DSP presets in the toolbar sorted.
Made technical info properly shown for various Ogg based internet radios (Vorbis, Opus, FLAC).
Fixed 1.4 regression causing incorrect detection of Internet Explorer proxy server settings.
Fixed 1.4 regression causing some tag updates to fail with ‘access denied’ when another app is accessing the files.
Fixed various 175% text size rendering glitches.
Fixed odd behaviors while installing regular foobar2000 alongside MS Store foobar2000.
Fixed ReplayGain scanner preferences page glitches.


• 集成歌词插件 foo_uie_lyrics3 0.5




http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c18k4lq 密码: 2a9r

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